Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Week of June 6th


·         Missed Results from 2 weeks ago…

§  Connie Wilson came in 2nd in her age group, and took 11 minutes off her time from last year!

·         Trail Quake Half Marathon

o   Congrats to Adam Peterson for rocking his first half marathon…and on the trail too!  He was 13th Overall and 2nd in his age group!


Week of May 30th


·         Missed Results from last week

§  Lee McKinley was 4th Overall, 1st in his age group and he broke 37min!!

·         FCA Practice Tri –

o   Thanks to all that participated and pushed hard!

§  Adam Peterson, Karen Nickel, Kris Kennedy, Robin & Troy Soares, and Trixie Bradley

o   Thanks to all that helped!

§  Adam Peterson, Caitlin Lighthouse, Charity Marshall, Karen Nickel, Kris Kennedy, and Trixie Bradley

·         Honu 70.3

o   Congrats to Flor Hodges who finished 2nd in her age group and was the 7th Overall Woman!  Oh, and she qualified for 70.3 Worlds in Austria!

o   Congrats to Todd Osterberg who gutted out the race despite major stomach issues!  The great news is that the hip flexors felt great!

·         Rock n’Roll Marathon

o   Congrats to Bailey & Jason Shykowski for finishing strong!  Bailey had been battling knee pain leading up to the race and Jason was battling sore hips before the race.  It was a team effort!  They crossed the line together in 3:54.

·         Tri For Real

o   Dave Campbell was 8th Overall and 1st in his age group!

o   Elise Winter was the 2nd Woman Overall and 1st in her age group!

o   Troy Outman was 7th in his age group…even with a cold!

·         Tri For Kids

o   Congrats to Andee Bradley for finishing 2nd in her age group!