Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Week of December 6th


·         CIM Marathon Pacers

o   Jamie Frink & Tim Twietmeyer – 3:35 Pacers – Time: 3:33:34 & 3:34:55…Nailed it!

o   Jim Kepfer – 4:10 Pacer – Time: 4:09:58…Nailed it!

o   Lee McKinley – 3:40 Pacer – Time: 3:39:46…Nailed it!

o   Michael Cook – 3:15 Pacer – Time: 3:14:50…Nailed it!

·         CIM Marathon Racers

o   Bailey Shykowski ran 3:23:26 and was 2nd in her age group!!!  “Bailey finished with a 3:23:26 which put her in 2nd place for 19 and under female, 194th female, and 970th  overall.  She also qualified for Boston.  I’m very proud of her (written by Jason).”

o   Kristen Klink ran 5:19:12.  Way to go!

o   Melissa Penwell ran 3:17:59!  Awesome! “I was happy I went for it and happy with my time. I would have liked to stay at 7:30s at the end, but was happy I was able to push through at almost the same pace and not hit any major walls.”

o   Sandy Baker ran 4:16:32. Way to go!  SANDY ALSO GOT INTO WESTERN STATES THE DAY BEFORE!  “I had a really good race. Stayed with the 4 hr group till the half marathon then decided to back off and enjoy the day. Finished in 4:16 still smiling and savoring my Western States 2015 entry.”

o   Scott Eckardt ran 4:02:22 He felt great until mile 21 where his knee started hurting.  Way to persevere Scott!

o   Troy Outman ran 3:37:21.  His first ½ went great but unfortunately he was drained by the last half due to a cold he got a few days before.  Way to persevere Troy!!  “It wasn't the grand experience I trained for but I found strength beyond myself. Sometimes God doesn't give us what we ask for; sometimes he gives us much more. Yes, I would have loved to have had a fast smooth race, but thankful I have a God that is there to get me through life and running a marathon can be a lot like life...it's not always easy but with God's strength you can keep moving forward.”

·         CIM Marathon Relay Racers

o   Catch Us If You Can – Robin Soares & college roomies/friends – 16th year for team!  - 3:27:15!

o   CIMfast – Stephanie Holloway & Friends – 3:44:39. “The race went well!  I finished the half at 1:52.  They relay exchange at: 1:54.”

o   FCA Endurance – Troy Soares & Karen Nickel – 3rd in Open Coed Relay! – 3:06:44! It was a half marathon PR of 1:36:51 for Karen!

o   First Big Run – Jason Shykowski & Hope - 23rd Open Coed Relay! – 3:37:57. “Hope and my relay team (3 people) finished 3:37:57, 21st coed team, and 113th overall relay team.  It was Hope and Matt’s (a friend from work) first competitive run.  Hope ran around an 8:57 mile and I averaged 7:37.  Hope ran the opening 5.9 miles and I ran the middle 14.5 miles.  We had a great time.”

o   Sovereign Sandals (Great organization that gives to victims of trafficking) – Todd Osterberg, Nick Elcock (Founder of Sovereign Sandals) _ 37th in Coed Open – 3:49:36.

o   Rachel Gunsalus finished 5th in her age group on a very grueling course; “It was beautiful, and brutal!”

·         Western States Lottery Winners.  Congrats!

o   David Carder!

o   Rachel Grimm!

o   Sandy Baker!

o   Did I miss anyone?

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Week of November 29th


·         MandaRun Half Marathon – Congrats to Carolyn Goulding for gutting out a great effort with minimal training!

·         Turkey Trots!!

o   Auburn Turkey Trot 10K

§  Congrats to Jim Kepfer who was 3rd Overall.  Any other results I can share?

§  Anna and Ariel Soares were 1st and 2nd in the 0-9yr age group!  Great job girls!

§  Robin was the

§  Carmen and Dan Hill finished strong together!

§  Dave Campbell ran the 5K with his 4 year old granddaughter Bella.  Great job Bella!

§  Melissa Penwell was the first woman in the 5K with a time of 19:15!!

o   Did I miss any or anyone?  Please let me know!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Week of November 22nd


·         Davis Turkey Trot     

o   Dave Campbell most definitely must be the fastest Grandpa in the US!  He ran the 5K pushing his two youngest grandkids in 20:19 and finished 1st in his age group.  Then 5 min after that race, he did the 10K pushing his oldest grandkids and ran 42:42 minutes and was 2nd in his age group!  Who says we have to slow down when we age!

o   Did I miss anyone?


·         MandaRun Half Marathon

o   Congrats to Elise Winter for winning the ½ Marathon for ladies…btw, she was 12th overall!  She ran an impressive 1:31:05. 

o   50-59 Men Rocked!

§  Jim Kepfer won!

§  Gary Carpenter finished 3rd!

§  Manouch Shirvanioun was 5th!

o   Greg Winter finished a strong 7th in his age group!

o   Stephanie Holloway was 12th in her age group

o   Did I miss anyone?

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Week of November 15th


·         Golden Hills Trail Marathon

o   Congrats to Christina Walsh-Curley for finishing 3rd in her age group on a very grueling course!

·         Berkeley Half Marathon

o   Elizabeth Kastura had fun racing with her daughter and friends! 

o   Did anyone else race?

·         World’s Toughest Mudder

o   Congrats to Lesley Hackett for enduring 24 hours of 5 mile loops with extreme obstacles!  She was the 7th woman overall and first in her age group!  Check out the pictures!  Click here.

·         Did anyone race Big Sur Half?

·         Did anyone race the Chimera 100?


Tuesday, November 11, 2014


·         Merrell Down & Dirty Run: Lesley Hackett had a great training day for World’s Toughest Mudder


·         Two Cities Half Marathon: Karen Nickel was 2nd in her age group and just a few seconds off her PR!

·         Morgan Hill Marathon: Troy Soares was 2nd in his age group!  This was the last leg of his “Ironman”...he did the swim and bike of the cancelled IM Tahoe and now the run is done!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

WEEK OF November 1st


·         Javalina Jundred

o   Rob Myers dug deep to finish the day just over 28 hours!

o   Jesse Ellie gave a great effort…and will continue pass on towards WS

·         Down & Dirty Mud Run – Any track folks complete this?

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Week of Oct. 18th


·         Folsom Blues ½ Marathon

o   Melissa Penwell was 2nd in her age group and ran an impressive 1:33!

·         Nike Women’s ½ Marathon – Tough course, beautiful scenery!

o   Cerissa Patterson broke 2:30!  Nice job!

o   Courtney Loveday, welcome back!  She broke 2:30 easily!

o   Robin Soares finished 11th in her age group

·         Sierra Trail Half

o   Flor Hodges was 1st in her age group and 3rd Overall

o   Lesley & Maxx Hackett finish together and both got 2nd in their age groups!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Week of Sept. 13th


·         Karen Nickel for getting into the 2015 Boston Marathon!  Anyone else in?

·         Headlands50Miler – Great effort Jesse Ellis!

·         Pineto Pine 100Miler – Great effort to Chloe Romero (Elke Reimer’s daughter)!

·         Let’sRoc for Cancer 5K – Melissa Penwell finished 1st in her age group and 6th Overall!

·         GlobalFellowship 5K – We heard this event had a great turnout!  Love to hear more!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Week of Sept. 6th

CONGRATS TO Robinson Flat Racers
·         Ellie Verdi won the 50K in over 23 Minutes!
·         Todd Richardson finished 5th in the 35K!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

August 27th to Sept. 1st


·         Dave Campbell for his amazing races in the 55 to 59 age group at ITU Worlds in Edmonton, Canada!

o   Wed, Aug. 27th – Aquathon – 2nd in age group, 1st American!, Fastest Run Split!

o   Friday, Aug. 29th – Sprint – 10th in his age group, 5th American in ag, 2nd Fastest Run Split!

o   Monday, Sept. 1  – Olympic – 6th in his age group, 3rd American in his age group, Fastest Run Split!


·         Elise Winter in the Oakland Triathlon!  She was 7th Overall (just behind a legend, Kathy Winkler!) and 1st in her Age group!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Week of August 23rd


·         SantaRosa Half Marathon – Carolyn Goulding finished strong and in 39th in her age group!

·         LakeTahoe Tri Half Ironman- Troy finished 8th Overall and 2nd in his age group

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Week of August 16th


·         RunOn the Sly Racers!

o   50K

§  Lee McKInley finished 5th Overall and 2nd in his age group!

§  Jamie Frink was the first woman, 8th Overall, and 1st in her age group!

o   20 Miler

§  Troy Soares finished 6th Overall and 1st in his age group!

§  Austin & Tim Twietmeyer finished 4th in their age groups while also finishing together!

o   ½ Marathon

§  Gary Carpenter finished 4th in his age group!

§  Manouch Shirvanioun finished 5th in his age group!

§  Robin Soares finished 1st in her age group.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Week of August 9th


·         Connie Wilson for finishing 23rd in her age group at the USAT Age Group Nationals!  Way to go!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Week of August 2nd

·         Philippines 70.3 – Flor Hodges raced as Pro in her home country!  She finished 9th!  Great job!
·         TBF Tri for…
o   Kids: Swim 50 meters – Bike 4 miles – Run 1 mile
§  Ariel Soares finished 4th in the Girls 6 and under!
§  Andee Bradley finished 5th in the Girls 8 yr olds!
§  Anna Soares finished 5th in the Girls 9 yr olds!
o   Real: 1.5K swim - 40K bike - 10K run
§  Dave Campbell finished 1st in his AG and 8th Overall!  He won the Tri for Real Series for his age group too!
§  Elise Winter finished 1st in her AG and was the 3rd Woman! She won the Tri for Real Series for her age group too!
§  Troy Soares finished 2nd in his AG and 9th OA!
§  Troy Outman finished 6th in his AG!
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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Races for Week of July 26th


CONGRATS Donner Racers!

·         In the Olympic Distance, Dave Campbell was 12th OA and 1st in his age group!


CONGRATS Vineman Racers!

·         Full AquaBike (Full Ironman Minus the Run)

o   Troy finished 4th in his age group!  Congrats Troy on coming back so strong!!

o   Rosie Kracher finished 6th in her age group!


·         Long Course

o   Tim Twietmeyer finished 3rd in his age group!

o   Carolyn Goulding finished 23rd in her age group!

·         Short Course

o   Kayden Kelly finished 6th in his age group!  Great comeback from your crash!



CONGRATS Eppies Finishers…sorry I didn’t include last weekend!!

·         Rick Rice helped his team finish 6th in the 50-59 division by running the 10th fastest run!

·         Janell Peterson, send your results!  (=