Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Week of December 6th


·         CIM Marathon Pacers

o   Jamie Frink & Tim Twietmeyer – 3:35 Pacers – Time: 3:33:34 & 3:34:55…Nailed it!

o   Jim Kepfer – 4:10 Pacer – Time: 4:09:58…Nailed it!

o   Lee McKinley – 3:40 Pacer – Time: 3:39:46…Nailed it!

o   Michael Cook – 3:15 Pacer – Time: 3:14:50…Nailed it!

·         CIM Marathon Racers

o   Bailey Shykowski ran 3:23:26 and was 2nd in her age group!!!  “Bailey finished with a 3:23:26 which put her in 2nd place for 19 and under female, 194th female, and 970th  overall.  She also qualified for Boston.  I’m very proud of her (written by Jason).”

o   Kristen Klink ran 5:19:12.  Way to go!

o   Melissa Penwell ran 3:17:59!  Awesome! “I was happy I went for it and happy with my time. I would have liked to stay at 7:30s at the end, but was happy I was able to push through at almost the same pace and not hit any major walls.”

o   Sandy Baker ran 4:16:32. Way to go!  SANDY ALSO GOT INTO WESTERN STATES THE DAY BEFORE!  “I had a really good race. Stayed with the 4 hr group till the half marathon then decided to back off and enjoy the day. Finished in 4:16 still smiling and savoring my Western States 2015 entry.”

o   Scott Eckardt ran 4:02:22 He felt great until mile 21 where his knee started hurting.  Way to persevere Scott!

o   Troy Outman ran 3:37:21.  His first ½ went great but unfortunately he was drained by the last half due to a cold he got a few days before.  Way to persevere Troy!!  “It wasn't the grand experience I trained for but I found strength beyond myself. Sometimes God doesn't give us what we ask for; sometimes he gives us much more. Yes, I would have loved to have had a fast smooth race, but thankful I have a God that is there to get me through life and running a marathon can be a lot like life...it's not always easy but with God's strength you can keep moving forward.”

·         CIM Marathon Relay Racers

o   Catch Us If You Can – Robin Soares & college roomies/friends – 16th year for team!  - 3:27:15!

o   CIMfast – Stephanie Holloway & Friends – 3:44:39. “The race went well!  I finished the half at 1:52.  They relay exchange at: 1:54.”

o   FCA Endurance – Troy Soares & Karen Nickel – 3rd in Open Coed Relay! – 3:06:44! It was a half marathon PR of 1:36:51 for Karen!

o   First Big Run – Jason Shykowski & Hope - 23rd Open Coed Relay! – 3:37:57. “Hope and my relay team (3 people) finished 3:37:57, 21st coed team, and 113th overall relay team.  It was Hope and Matt’s (a friend from work) first competitive run.  Hope ran around an 8:57 mile and I averaged 7:37.  Hope ran the opening 5.9 miles and I ran the middle 14.5 miles.  We had a great time.”

o   Sovereign Sandals (Great organization that gives to victims of trafficking) – Todd Osterberg, Nick Elcock (Founder of Sovereign Sandals) _ 37th in Coed Open – 3:49:36.

o   Rachel Gunsalus finished 5th in her age group on a very grueling course; “It was beautiful, and brutal!”

·         Western States Lottery Winners.  Congrats!

o   David Carder!

o   Rachel Grimm!

o   Sandy Baker!

o   Did I miss anyone?

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Week of November 29th


·         MandaRun Half Marathon – Congrats to Carolyn Goulding for gutting out a great effort with minimal training!

·         Turkey Trots!!

o   Auburn Turkey Trot 10K

§  Congrats to Jim Kepfer who was 3rd Overall.  Any other results I can share?

§  Anna and Ariel Soares were 1st and 2nd in the 0-9yr age group!  Great job girls!

§  Robin was the

§  Carmen and Dan Hill finished strong together!

§  Dave Campbell ran the 5K with his 4 year old granddaughter Bella.  Great job Bella!

§  Melissa Penwell was the first woman in the 5K with a time of 19:15!!

o   Did I miss any or anyone?  Please let me know!