Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Week of May 16th


·         Missed Results from last few weeks…

§  Congrats to Jesse Ellis who finished 7th in his age group!

§  Caryn Galeckas was 3rd in her age group!

§  Suzanne Hartley was the 6th female in the AquaBike Division!


·         Auburn Tri Racers!  Our Track Group Got Many Top Finishes!

o   Mini: Trixie Bradley was 15th Overall and 1st in her Age Group!

o   International

§  Chris Delellis finished 11th in his age group!  Nice!

§  Elise Winter was the 1st Woman Overall! And 1st of course in her age group!

§  Flor Hodges was the 2nd Woman Overall! And 1st of course in her age group! Elise and her battled on the course…friendly battle of course!

§  Farah Avasarala finished 3rd in her age group!

§  Robin Soares was 2nd in her age group!

o   World’s Toughest Half

§  Lee McKinley was 2nd in his age group and 14th Overall!

§  Troy Soares was 2nd in his age group and 15th Overall just behind Lee!

o   Auburn Tri Aid Station Workers!  Thank you…

§  Adam Peterson and Caitlin Lighthouse

§  Carolyn Goulding

§  Caryn Galeckas

§  Cliff Appleby

§  Charity Marshall and kiddos

§  Ellie Verdi

§  Harvey & Susan Soule

§  Jesse Ellis

§  Karen Nickel & kiddos

§  Kris and Cheryl Kennedy and kiddos

§  Mike & Trixie Bradley and kiddos

§  Troy Outman (Sarah Outman volunteered with registration!)

·         Silver State 50 Miler

o   Congrats to Rob Myers for his strong finish!  Still waiting for the official results

·         Surfer’s Path Runs

o   Half Marathon

§  Congrats to Elizabeth, Mari and Randy Katsura!  Elizabeth and Mari finished together!

o   Marathon

§  Congrats Christine and Cal Val!

·         Christine finished in 4:01:45 and was 15th in her age group!

·         Cal finished in 3:39:21 and was 8th in his age group!


Monday, May 11, 2015

Week of May 9th


·         Eugene Marathon – Congrats to Melissa Penwell for gutting out a great effort!  She finished 11th in her age group!

·         Folsom Lake Intl. Tri - Dave Campbell was 11th Overall and 1st in his age group!

·         Happy Kids Du – Andee Bradley finished 5th in her age group!!  You go girl!  Great Mother’s Day Present for your mom (=

·         Dirty Secret Run

o   Short Course

§  Brian Hacker was 1st OA…at 51 years young!!

§  Dave Christensen was 3rd in his age group!

§  Mo Bartley was 3rd OA Woman and first in her age group at 59 young years!

o   Long Course

§  Gary Carpenter was 6th in his age group!

§  Manouch Shirvanioun was 8th in his age group!